Friday, 24 June 2011

Grammar Police Alert : Memoirs is now squeaky clean - edit version uploaded

The edited version of Memoirs is now posted on Smashwords and Kindle.

Hi Folks

Late again for my regular post. I've been a bit busy working and studying but still found time to upload the 'Grammar Police' version of Memoirs of a Vending Machine. The downloads are steady and climbing again so it looks like it is still a winner. I had expected a happy and satisfied reader to counter the negative and soul destroying reviews on Kindle with a 'feel-good' sort of good-on-you-for-getting-this-edited type of comment but is seems the comments are reserved for the negative aspects while positive actions apparently go unnoticed. Oh well, just so you know... I feel good on the inside for commissioning the edit for the benefit of anyone who just happens to find Memoirs and decides to read it. Whoever you are, you will now get the best of Memoirs. If you happen to like the story and it gives you some pleasure then it was all worth the effort. If you have already downloaded Memoirs, to tell you the truth it is probably not really worth a re-read as the edit just took out the typos. It is pretty much the same manuscript minus a few entertaining errors. 

One thing I haven't said about Memoirs is that it is loosely based on real events, although I am sure that many a reader has already worked this out. One of the characters, Jon is based on a guy I did know in Japan. He passed away before I actually wrote the story and the ebook is really my way of saying, well it was great to have known you, your life really did have some meaning and still does. If you enjoy the story and Jon's character, it would make my day to hear it, he left this world far too early in life. Anyway, thats all folks. As far as I am concerned Memoirs is done now and I will turn my attention to the next creation. I'll keep you posted. 



Saturday, 11 June 2011

We All Make Mistakes

The only mistake is the spelling, the marriage was definitely a good thing as was the chocolate mud cake.

Hi Folks,
I missed my regular post this week. I have been busy as hell at work and with a few study commitments, time just got away from me. Believe it or not, I have had my head wrapped in text books and I have been studying the intricate details of corporations law in this country. In fact, I just received the result for my mid semester assignment and scored a high distinction. One criticism was that in my footnotes,  I misspelled ' Ford's Principles of Corporations Law as 'Principals' although I got it right when I was discussing the law of Principal and Agent. My point being that we all make mistakes but it doesn't always interfere with what we are trying to say. My law professor forgave me and gave me a high distinction. My wife forgave the local Patisserie and still loves me. So why do my critics 'bag me out' with these nice-story-shame-about-the-typos style comments for a free-to-download ebook? Well... I suppose it is a good thing to maintain standards but it sure as hell can be a pain in the ego. Anyway the reason I have even bothered to bring up this topic is that the fee-for-service edit of 'Memoirs of a Vending Machine' is back. It is now squeaky clean so that even the harshest of critics would have to now contain the vitriol and the sarcasm to comments about the plot and characterisation etc. With no clangers to keep them entertained such as "he said with a rising infection" or "Memoirs of a Bending Machine" they may just find the time to read the story and enjoy it for what it is - a story - although I am going to miss these little quirks that have kept me laughing at myself for a few months. Anyway, I am just going through the edit which doesn't really represent any substantial changes other then the typos before I upload the new 'clean version'. Keep an eye out for it, especially if the typos have been causing you any angst.

BTW: 'Bug' is continuing to go berserk by the thousands on wattpad although it is a bit slow on smashwords. It has only recently been approved for distribution so it might take a bit more time.Nothing to report on Kindle yet but I think I need to wait for the technical people to do their thing before anything happens. I will be re-loading and re-publishing 'Squeaky Clean Memoirs' on Kindle as soon as I could be bothered. (This is where most of the bad reviews came from) and will post something on this blog when I do.

Bye for now