Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Don't quit your day job - just yet.

Roppongi Hills Tokyo - Taken on a Gallaxy II

Well, this is where I would rather be - celebrating the milestone achieved this week on Kindle with a quiet drink and a chance to reflect and re-energise This  shot was taken on a recent trip to Tokyo on my trusty Gallaxy II, where I was lucky enough to visit the 'One Piece" exhibition - a creation by Eiichiro Oda There is this really cool bar near the cafeteria and I couldn't help myself as the atmosphere beckoned.  One long memorable drink, I'll tell you.

Although not a huge fan of "One Piece' due to an unfortunate misalignment of my age and the publication date of aforementioned Manga it was nevertheless absolutely amazing to see the artwork and follow the stories as presented. A chat with a few young fans revealed convoluted plots and characterisation that are of a complexity equal to anything I have read to date. Recently, I have been inspired by a few Japanese Manga creations such as "20th  Century Boys" ( the movie version features the song "20th Century Boy by T.REX ) and "Death Note",. I can recommend these to anyone who reads this blog - and of course my books!

Anyway, after two years and many many free downloads, I have finally managed to have "Memoirs of a Vending Machine" advertised for a price. Yes, for the grand old price of $0.99 you can have your very own copy of what at least 13,000 others have managed to download for free over the years.

It kind of makes me feel a little more legitimate after all my struggles with some vicious, ego destroying and unnecessarily negative reviewers. But I can't quite give up my day job. As is usually the case, readers are far less willing to download an ebook with a price on its head than a freebee. So no more ego boosting reaffirmation from my 100+ downloads-a-month free ebook. No way... its back to reality and a more realistic flat line while I wait for an enthusiastic reader to be inspired by my precis and my cover's artwork. Somehow I have the feeling that this may mean a little downtime but hey... so what... maybe I can now stop checking out the sales and spend some time on the next book.

BTW: If anyone wants to post a review of a reviewer, feel free to send it in. I guarantee that I will post it.

Ja Mata Kondo