Friday, 23 March 2012

'Keitai Friends' theme and 'A mouse is on the table' kids song

No picture for this one. Just look to the right and you will find two new widgets to click. The first one is what was intended as a theme for a video for Keitai Friends now available again on smashwords for free.  It's the sort-of-graphic-novel version so please enjoy the artwork from a couple of high school kids in Japan. I acknowledged them in an earlier post. The video is yet to be made and uploaded to you tube so in the meantime feel free to have a listen. Just click and play. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

The second widget is a link to a kids song about a mouse on a table. I wrote and recorded with my daughter. She is the star and so she should be. The idea come about when a group of Japanese kids I was teaching in Osaka, Japan, couldn't remember the prepositions of place, on, in by, and under. Listen to the song and you'll get it. If you enjoy it let me know with a positive post or a like and I'll see about allowing downloads. 

That's all for now