Monday, 28 September 2015

New Soundcloud Upload

Sakura in Full Bloom

Hi Folks

It's been a long time between posts with plenty of action in between. I am just updating this time around with a new upload to soundcloud, Came Along Way. It was inspired by my journey and connection with Japan over the past years. This one is a taster and doesn't include vocals although I am working on an acoustic version. I'll post it when I record. The photograph of the Sakura has absolutely no connection to the track other than it was taken by me in Japan and deserved to be viewed. As far as writing is concerned, plenty of writing with respect to the law degree but nothing in the way of fiction. I have been revising some draft manuscripts and will get something published in the near future. Plenty to do in the mean-time however. Anyways, I hope to be posting a bit more over the next few months. I will be returning to India early in the new year and might have something to say and post with regard to this.

Bye for now.