Saturday, 13 August 2011

Memoirs 'cracks the tonne'. To charge or not to charge?

Well, I have hit a milestone or a kilometre-stone depending on linguistic jurisdiction. Memoirs has 'cracked the tonne' or 'ton' depending again on jurisdiction. What I am trying to say is that I have had over a thousand downloads on Smashwords. Admittedly this figure was reached on Kindle a couple of months ago and is collectively more like just under 10,000 downloads if you include Kindle, Smashwords, Sony and Kobo etc.,  but Smashwords is my 'Indie Index' and says to me that Memoirs is OK and is reasonably popular. The 'grammar police' at Kindle are 'off my back' now and have become quite complimentary so now I am thinking that it might even be possible that someone might actually want to pay for one of my creations. So... 'to charge or  not to charge' that is the question. The thing is that the thrill has gone in watching the numbers tick over. I am now confident that my works have some level of credibility and am wondering if I might deserve some level of compensation for all the hard work. Mmmm... I'll sit on it for a while and let you know. If any one who reads this blog thinks yes, just say so. If anyone thinks no, maybe just leave it as I am still undergoing the effects of 'post traumatic stress' after the 'grammar police' assault on Kindle.

BTW: I am almost ready to publish a how to do a Rubik's cube book; not my creation but a publishing experiment on my part.  Should be out in a couple of weeks.  I am still sitting on the manuscript for Kujira and am planning its re-edit but unfortunately I am bogged down with work and study. Property law takes precedent at this point in time and to tell you the truth, its pretty interesting. In my part of the world, a couple of houses have just been sold fraudulently to innocent parties while the owners have been working fly-in/fly-out jobs. The law lets title remain with the new owner while the original owner is forced to seek compensation from the state authorities for the value of the property. In the mean time the police try to track down the bad guys who have taken off with the loot.  Umm.... sorry, I am raving again. But if anyone is actually interested, just comment and I will say more. Anyway, back to ebooks - next one is the Rubik's cube book, then the Kujira re-edit and I am starting to put a new one together in my head but I'll let you know about this one towards the end of the year.

That's all for now. Later.