Sunday, 11 December 2011

What's the difference between a park bench and a writer?

 ANSWER: A park bench can support a family.

Well Folks

What a week. I have loaded up 'Kujira' on Smashwords and have also managed to load it up on Kindle. If you follow the link you will notice a price hike for Amazon. Makes sense given the costs but I have kept the price at $0.99 on Smashwords. Not that there have been huge amounts of downloads on either forum. 'Memoirs of a Vending Machine' is still motoring along as a free download but the encumbered 'Kujira' is lagging still. Doesn't really matter 'cause it isn't really about the money. I have a job and am able to support a family already so it is something else driving me to spend days and weeks absorbed in these special little literary projects. 

So... in order to encourage the proliferation of my latest creation and subsequent discussion, I offer a free coupon for this month for downloads of Kujira on Smashwords. As loyal readers of this blog, feel free to have a read and comment if you wish. When you check out use the following code. WJ92E. 

I gave this coupon code first to my most loyal advocate, Andy and he has responded with a fantastic review, the likes of which I would never have expected nor feel I deserve. Still it felt good to have that kind of feedback. If you have any work of your own that needs to be reviewed or publicised Andy, you have an instant forum on this blog.

I seem to have developed a regular stream of readers and on my last peek on my stats page I had readers from Italy, Australia, Russia, The UK, The US, Germany, France and this week, Latvia. I haven't seen Malaysia and Brazil  for a week or two but they pop in regularly and Japan chimes in every now and then. This month, Italy topped the list for the most readers. 

To end my regular post I just want to mention that I am making plans for a follow up to 'Kujira' but in between, I was thinking of finishing off a story that I have had waiting to see the light of day for quite some time now. It's about a group of musicians in a band. At this point in time it will be set in the 80s but that is about all I want to give away just now. I'll post some excerpts next time. The next publication however, will be the 'How to do a Rubik's Cube' manual. I'll do this as publisher though, not as author. I mean seriously, can you see a guy who, despite paying for a copy editor still manages to publish with typos being an expert with a Rubik's cube?

Thats all for now.

Beerubaraoyaji (one day someone is going to ask me what this means)


  1. I'm glad of your big kindness...but I'm a "he".
    I hope that somewere in the net there's not a fake statement about my sex.
    Here's a quick ID (ASL) list:
    .Male ;)

    P.S. Maybe I'm the main cause of your Italy stats. :D

    Beerubaraoyaji...I think it has something to do with a beer (beeru), a bad man (oyaji) and bara So...The drunken-gay-badman...or the Gay-beer-man...?

    Is it normal that this post starts with a sex misunderstanding and ends with another? 8-|

  2. P.P.S. Review posted also on Amazon.
    Bye :)

  3. Ooops... well, just one character removed and you are now a he. I think I confused your name with an Andy from Costa Rica... No problem, I still appreciate your kindness and your support. Your interpretation of Beerubaraoyaji is close but the bara describes my belly. I need more exercise 'cause I write too much and recently it is more of a beer belly than a six pack. Thanks for the Amazon post and interested to hear about your wirting, music, games etc..

  4. I posted an answer...but it got deleted...?
    BTW, it was very long... :|
    Maybe it was too long.
    -No problem for the mistake ;)
    -For the personal info, this page (read, there's everything in it):
    -The game's site:
    Just read everything on the site and you'll know also where's the music and the text ;)

    I'm sorry, I made a much longer answer before...but essentially it's entirely on the site.

    So long BellyBeerMan!