Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Review the Reviewer part 2

Can't believe what they are serving at Tokyo Disneyland these days !
(Hint - read the description a couple of times to see what it is they are actually steaming)

Hi Folks

I have included the above photo as it is kind of connected to the present theme of reviewing the reviewer. This review/description didn't put me off however and I ate my steamed bum, enjoying every tasty mouthful - I'd buy another.

Well this has got to be the fastest turnaround time for me to post on my blog ever. Last post I invited readers to send in any reviews they thought worthy of some healthy ridicule and low and behold, paulaustin a fellow blogger sends in the following little gem. Although I couldn't quite verify it by locating the review on the stated web site, I presume it is out there on another site that reviews holiday destinations or something like that. Anyway, doesn't really matter 'cause it's hilarious and I love it. 

The place it reviews looks lovely and I wonder how they would feel if they knew this review monster is at large hacking to pieces all that work they have done in presenting the pristine picture perfect image on the web site. I'm sure that Yosemite Cabin Rentals could do without this sort of random assortment of unrelated sentences. Mind you, it did make me click on the link and investigate a little further.

It reads;

"If you getting really starving on a night journey where you want to get the food done quickly so you get to hit the sack. I'd suggest purchasing a Vegetarian food."
yosemite cabin rentals
You know, the cabins aren't bad either  - with or without vegetarian food.

Thanks  for the post paulaustin. I am starting to think that reviewing the reviewer could be a great cathartic experience for anyone that has ever been trolled by an ebook site serial ego crusher and I think I may have found a way to pay them back.

Keep sending them in folks if you get where I am headed here.



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