Saturday, 7 September 2013

I Give Up

Hi Folks

I have been away for far too long. I've been off my blog but with good reason. I'll touch on that later but for now I'll explain the title of this blog. I have given up on Kindle. Try as I may, I could not get a good review or earn a brass razoo on that forum. I was humiliated, insulted and undermined to the point of depression but still I soldiered on - "never give up," I said over and over - but to no avail. Kindle seem to have introduced new terms that you have to agree to when you sign in that give them the right to take down your book. I signed and they took down my books! That's it - no ceremony, apology or reason. Sometimes I think you just have to concede that some fights are just not worth fighting. So that's it... goodbye Kindle, I give up.

I went back to my Smashwords site and re-priced "Memoirs of a Vending Machine" for free and the downloads have just zoomed along. No complaints, no insults, no problems. I think I now know which forum I prefer and I'm feeling much better now that I don't have to battle for recognition or acceptance. Having given up on Kindle, I have an overwhelming feeling of freedom of expression.

Just so you know, I have been off my blog for so long due to my wife's disturbing and emotional battle with illness. Unfortunately I lost her. The experience has left me empty but much wiser as to what is important in life and one of those things is NOT Kindle. I will return to my writing in due course but need a little time to adjust to the new paradigm in which I now exist.

I the mean-time, I have found a little time to almost finish off a project I have had bubbling away in the background for quite some time. Having written a few children's songs including "A Mouse on the Table" and " Tuck Me Into Bed " I challenged myself a while a go to come up with an alternative ABC song. Have a Listen to "ABC -sample" on soundcloud and let me know what you think, be it on this forum or soundcloud. I have included a quick link to the right of this page if you want to connect that way.

Just for fun, I've also posted another instrumental titled "Red Arpeggio" It's a composition dear to my heart as it was intended to represent some of the good times I shared with my wife. Ironically, I put it together about a month before she was diagnosed with what eventually took her away. If you have a listen, try and keep someone special to you in mind as you remember happy times - works for me.

Thats all for now


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