Saturday, 19 March 2011


Shock and horror. The quake and the tsunami - those poor people! I have been glued to the news and in touch with everyone I know in Japan. I was in the quake in "95 and it has all come back to me. In the same week, I had a really good comment and a 'good read' rating for Memoirs of a Vending Machine. It lifted my spirits but it was bitter sweet. I wish it was a top rated book so I could donate all the proceeds to the disaster fund but unfortunately it isn't and I can't. Still, I am glad it is written and is entertaining and free. If people like it and it brings them closer to understanding some of what Japan is all about then it is a good thing and I suppose it means I have done something for Japan and its people.

I have had some terrible comments for my other two books though and one critic went so far as to say that in Keitai friends, she thought that the author (me) had something against the Japanese. Just for the record - you couldn't be further from the truth - you just didn't get it!

Kujira was a real bummer. I think I loaded it up too soon and there were problems with some passages of dialogue that detracted from the rest of it. Not surprisingly, I copped a bad review and probably deservedly so !
I must say that as hurtful as the review was, I admire any reviewer that can call it as they see it. It can only benefit the author in the long run and I have learnt a valuable lesson. The particular reviewer was still able to salvage something from book and say some very encouraging things.  I took it down from Smashwords and 'unpublished it for the time being. I am repairing the text at the moment and will have it re-published soon.

Largest and brightest full moon for the next 50 years tonight and rumors of another catastrophic event due to its influence. Let's hope it is fiction and the people affected by the 'ring of fire' do not have to endure any further hardship.



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