Monday, 28 March 2011

Memoirs takes over Keitai

Hi folks

Just an update on my ebooks. Memoirs of a Vending Machine has just taken over Keitai friends in terms of downloads. Seems to be a popular choice. The four star rating on Barnes and Nobel is quite encouraging.

AND... just to lighten things up a bit, please enjoy my favorite winter shot taken in Takayama, Japan.

I have heard of many people cancelling their travel plans because of the disaster. Believe me, there are still many beautiful places to see despite the tragedy and I am sure the tourist industry could do with a steady stream of travelers in the unaffected areas. If you want to donate to those affected by the quake, The RED CROSS are taking donations online. ( Sorry folks - Australian Links at the moment)

Australian Red Cross

Japanese Red Cross Society


World vision Australia


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