Friday, 1 April 2011

Kujira - It's back !

I was busy last night doing a re-edit for Kujira. I have made some of the narrative passages a little more 'user friendly' and added a couple of sentences here and there just because I could. There are no substantial changes so if you have purchased previously you shouldn't notice much of a change. I noticed a couple of repetitions of Japanese word definitions so I deleted these, just to make the text a little less 'busy'. It's back at  $0.99.

BTW: If anyone reading this blog has not read any of my books, you should know that I often include Japanese words and phrases with a traslation in parenthesis next to the word or phrase. Some people hate this - my last reviewer for example - but others love it. So... I will not be changing this feature of my books as it is my readers who have said they like this and not my reviewers.

Also:  Memoirs of a Vending Machine is going 'gang busters' and has taken over 'Keitai Friends' downloads by a huge margin. Sales are up in general and I am feeling encouraged and appreciated.

Thanks folks


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