Thursday, 28 April 2011


Josh, as he appears in 'Kujira' in the chapter titled 'Keitai Friends.

I had to post today to boast about the flood of downloads for Kujira I have this offered as a free download with a coupon at ebooksfreefreefree and have seen a ton of action overnight.(Coupon code - ZX74Q at smashwords expires on 20th may) It is also going to be posted on indiebookslist on the 14th of May. This will appear with an excerpt from Kujira as appears in the previous post on this blog. 

BTW: I have managed to publish 'Memoirs of a Vending Machine' on Amazon. I have to wait for the search data to appear so it might be hard to find. Just follow the link I have provided. The downside is that it's not free. The book still remains free on Smashwords and is a popular download. I really recommend reading it before you tackle Kujira.




  1. I'm so glad this is working out for you!! :) Thank you for the blog post! I will add you to my blog roll at ebooksfreefreefree!

    Sorry for all the exclamation points. That's bad writing. :)

  2. Hey man - I saw your link to me - Thanks! That deserves a reward.

    I created this page. You're the first one listed.

    I might change it up if I get too many "friends." But there you are. :)