Sunday, 17 April 2011

Download Frenzy - Memoirs

Hi Folks

Firstly: I can't resist posting these manga frames from 'Keitai Friends". This is the scene where Josh sees the police after exiting the bookstore with a magazine in his pocket. Ironic that the author has chosen to publish as an e-book. If only Josh had known about Smashwords; he would have downloaded a copy and would not have been tempted by the hard copy magazine.  'Keitai Friends is a chapter of Kujira  available at smashwords and most of the other e-book outlets. The bottle dropping to the ground is a bottle of Dekavita. It tastes like any of the energy drinks available today and is full of vitamins. They have been drinking these things in Japan since the 80's as far as I know. As a foreigner in Japan I used to call these types of drinks, 'genki drinks' because they would charge you full of energy. They are still available at any vending machine anywhere in Japan.

Main Bit: Wow - double, triple, quadruple downloads in one day for 'Memoirs of a Vending Machine'. What was that? Still no new comments but a few readers have clicked the 'like' button. So... this means my readers are either neutral or disinterested but not negatively critical or they love the book but just couldn't be stuffed saying so. I mean... it's obvious isn't it? Anyway, a bit of a feel good about myself day today. I feel loved and appreciated. If you are one of my readers, thanks for that.



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