Friday, 18 November 2011

And now the hard work begins.

The manuscript has arrived.

Dear patient readers,

It's here... the manuscript has arrived.  
"Easy then, just upload it and let me read it", you are probably thinking to yourself.
Well, when I said arrived, this means the original is back with 'track changes' noted ready for me to change them. This is why, despite me paying for a copy editor, I still make typos. Being the world's crappest typist, it is now my job to hack to pieces all the good work I have just paid good money for.

I shouldn't make light of this really, I know I should know better and I really don't try to make a habit of un-editing good work just to make it read more like the way it was when I first submitted it. This time, I am thinking about being methodical and taking the time required to make this work. So... you have to wait just a little bit longer. Rest assured, the edit is just about, capitals, comma's and italics really so the text is pretty much my work. Getting in an expert just makes it easier to read so it is worth the effort to avoid any annoying  distractions. Of course you may still hate my work, or... you may even like it.  In any case you won't be judging me on my propensity to be impatient as a typist rather my style as a writer.

I have an exam on Wednesday, property law (yawn) and will get stuck into the manuscript after that. I am shooting for next weekend.

Bye for now


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