Thursday, 19 July 2012

Review the Reviewer part IV

Author bites back at 'Bookworm'.
Hi Folks

I'm back, Mojo surging through my veins - ego in-tact - reconciled to a new phase of development in my quest to become a writer.

As you would know, I have posted Memoirs of a Vending Machine on smashwords and also on Kindle in a new form - part I and part II. Part II is what was 'Kujira'. I had always intended that the two would become a novel at some stage and my recent experience with a Kindle reviewer - little miss 'bookworm' - provided the catalyst for the change. Well... turns out... I finished up in the top 100 Action and Adventure overnight despite the one star ping to the ego supplied by aforementioned bookworm.

So... I suppose I should just let the people decide... and they have.

The whole experience though poses a number of questions in my mind. The bookworm is officially sponsored as a top 1000 reviewer by kindle. The one star rating directly following a five star rating seems to be a little less objective than I would imagine an endorsed reviewer should be. It seems to be an unnecessary personal attack. Could it be that she is an endorsed cyber-bully?

Let me get this straight - I am NOT accusing her of being a bully - although, given a perceived position of inequality here and the actions that she has taken, it certainly feels like bullying. Moreover, it looks like bullying and it sure as hell sounds like bullying. I'm just putting it out there - the grubby facts that is.

So look, I am not going to just quit.  I know that there are people out there who like what I have spent a lot of time and effort writing, hence the five and four star reviews. There are those who are not particularly interested, hence the three star reviews. Fine - not your cup of tea then.

There are some one and two stars from the first published days before the professional edit but notably non since the edit until... 'the bookworm'.

So bookworm I am back and looking forward to more downloads and more publications. You didn't succeed in your apparent quest to knock me out. I am back and ready to roll with readers ready and willing to read my work.

Ja mata ne


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